Dumpster Sizes

We’ve got a variety of dumpster sizes and two different dumpster types for you to choose from. For regular household and construction debris, we’ve got a 15 yard container, 20 yard container, 30 yard container and 40 yard container. There is a 20 yard container that can be used for special heavy debris types.

Kansas City Dumpster Rental Sizes
Size Dimensions Additional Fees Pricing
15 Yard 14 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 816-527-8784
20 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 816-527-8784
30 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 7 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 816-527-8784
40 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 8 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 816-527-8784

Wondering how much a dumpster can hold? The 15 yard dumpster can hold up to 6,000 pounds of refuse with the 20 yard container holding up to 8,000 pounds. Our 30 yard container can hold up to 10,000 pounds and our 40 yard container can hold up to 12,000 pounds. For the heavy debris containers, you can load up to 16,000 pounds of debris into them. Avoid costly fees by keeping your refuse to the intended fill height and under the weight requirements.

  • Use your dumpster for a variety of projects.
  • We’ve got 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard containers, even 20 yard heavy debris ones.
  • Our customer service center is open five days a week to take your call.
  • We can make delivery almost anywhere in the city or the suburbs.

For heavy debris, please do not fill the open-top waste container more than halfway up the height of the walls. We also ask that you do not mix various forms of heavy debris in the same dumpster. We can only allow one type of heavy debris per roll-off. If you are going to be disposing of more than one type, please rent your dumpsters accordingly. Heavy debris includes: concrete, asphalt, dirt, sand, specific yard was, and a few more substances. When you are on the phone with our customer service representative, they can go over all of the specifics for heavy debris as well as general household and construction as well.

Are you worried about what size of dumpster to use? Don’t be. We work with you to help determine just what size your job is going to need, no matter how large that job may be. There is no project that is too big or too complicated. And if you are going to need more than one dumpster, that’s no problem at all. We make sure that all of your needs are met, no matter where in  the Kansas City area roll-off delivery is going to be made. From the suburbs to the city, Kansas City Dumpster Rental is your best choice for waste removal.

No matter what the project, you are going to be able to get the job done in a snap. Everything is catered to your specific needs. There is no cookie-cutter dumpster rental when you choose us. You are the main focus with Kansas City Dumpster Rental and we make sure everything falls into place around you. Renting a roll-off can be confusing, especially with all of the sizing options to choose from. You can rent confidently knowing that we are going to get the perfect dumpster for the job and get it right when you need it delivered.

If you have any questions about the order, or you would like to order another waste container at any point, all you have to do is call us. We have our customer service center open five days a week to help. Call us Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8am and 7pm. Ask us anything. We can answer all questions and alleviate all concerns along the way. Call now and get started right away, our representatives are eagerly anticipating your call. Once you choose Kansas City Dumpster Rental, you’ll never go back.